Sunday, November 06, 2005

Masks And Chains

I’m not superstitious
There’s a black cat standing at my door
I’m going to let him in
He just wants some fuss
We all need a friend

And if the sun should rise
In the middle of the night
I won’t close my eyes
That’s just fine by me
Must be how it’s meant to be.

I’m not superstitious
Though this world weaves a web of chains
And we all live like slaves
But I’m rattling my cage

Ever since I was quite small
They told me "this is it" and "that is all"
But I don’t believe that
I don’t believe that.

You can take away the veils and shadows
Because I won’t fade away
I’ll be the same as today
There’s no reason to be afraid.

Though life is just a breath
Still I’m not dead
And breathing is enough
When you’re in love with life
The masks and chains fall off.

I’m not superstitious
There’s a ladder standing in my path
I could walk under it
Maybe I’ll climb it, just because I can.


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