Thursday, January 19, 2006


Tell me
what would you pay
for a blade of grass
or a rainbow?

How much
is a breath
of fresh air

Living here
in this fertile land
it's easy
to take the sun
and rain
for granted

The earth
lies robbed
at the feet
of our greed
and neglect

Our children
stand impoverished
and uncertain
the inheritors
of our greed
and neglect

We have taken
and not given

We have said
neither please
nor thankyou

We have fallen
a long way short
of our caretaker

Yet Creation
blesses us

God gives us
his sacrament
of love
in seed and leaf
flower and fruit

Rain and sunlight
fall the same
on the innocent
and unjust

But like tears
and burning fever
on the face
of an unwell child
the earth
cannot hide
the symptoms
of her pain.


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