Sunday, February 05, 2006

This Stone

I just picked up this stone
it’s a beautiful thing
hard and weighty and shapely
this stone is a lot like you and me
it may just look inert, and of not much use
but it has a story – a past, present and future

Once it was part of a mountain or riverbed
somehow it broke away
and time has carried it here
one day it will be worn down to sand
and maybe a flower will root and grow there
but right now it is in my hand
and I am seeing its beauty – and potential
this stone is a miracle, and it makes me feel love

God holds me and you in his hand
just as I hold this stone
he sees our hardness and our beauty
he knows our history, and our potential
we are all miracles waiting to happen
we should feel loved.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Love Shelley

3:13 am  

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