Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Faulty Thinking

Faulty thinking
has got me this far
quite a long way
I suppose

Poor judgement
decided my fate
cast the runes
somewhere east of Eden

Self deception
has protected me
from many hurts
cushioning my fragile ego

dubiously propels
my somewhat erratic course


Blogger frogline said...

Hi, this is Marie-Claire, just letting you know I have created a blog, under the name frogline. You will find three poems there. I was talking to you on saturday in Swanson at the song and poetry evening, that I thoroughly enjoyed by the way. Hope you remember me, and that you will read my stuff. You can drop comments if you like, but don't feel obliged. I will drop in to see what new stuff you got, since I enjoy your writing.

12:36 am  
Blogger frogline said...

hi just dropping you a line to say I have joined this site and started publishing some of my poems. Remember me in Swanson poetry evening? My name is Marie-Claire, I hijacked your attention for a while after the evening session. I really enjoyed your writing and your wife is a superb reader and really brings your poetry to life. I loved the way you made the "instrument" guitar? twang... Drop me a line if you feel inclined no obligation. This is not a New Zealand site I don't think. I will try and find my way around here. I normally publish in another blogsite, but I will post the same stuff here anyway. Wish me luck!
Do you get much feedback around here?

12:40 am  

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