Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Revolting Green

Fence posts
road markers
a concrete bridge buttress
mounds of shingle
flash by the car window
as we race toward Lewis Pass
and all those straight-backed
beech trees
hemming us in
- at rest now, but waiting –
row upon row upon green row
- at ease now, but waiting -
silent ranks of a vast standing army
- waiting till it’s time -
poised to take back the battered earth
from the clumsy humans
who’ve mismanaged it long enough

One dark and stormy night
the tempest will give his signal
the forward line will drop to their bellies
blocking these forest roads
and this army will move out
crashing down hillsides
rolling across the plains
rising up in every village and city
blocking all exits

There will be no holding back
their creaking, rustling advance
but they won’t make their move
till the oil crisis has paralysed us
and chainsaws no longer have
any power to intervene

This will be a bloodless revolution
because by then the humans will know
that we have no right to resist.


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