Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well I've still got hope
After all these years
And i've still got faith
Enough to get me there
And I've still got love
Living in my soul
These three things
Are going to make me whole

I've still got breath
Here I am again
And I've still got words to say
The things I want to say
And I've still got dreams
Hidden in my heart
They don't seem like much sometimes
But that's where I start

And I still feel angst
It rises up some days
I still have a few questions
About the narrow way
And I still get afraid
Of the dark at night
But if I know you're somewhere near
I'm going to be alright

Blessed are those who stand and wait
We're all lined up at the Pearly Gate
Blessed are those who still believe
One day even the blind will see

Well I've still got days
Out in front of me
And I can't see much up ahead
But one thing I can see
Is that I've still got hope and faith
And a song to sing
With a little bit of love thrown in
I've got everything.


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